First commute to office… - Blog by Animesh Hazra

After riding around near my apartment for a couple of days, I felt confident enough to attempt office commute on the sidewinder. About 8kms one way with more climbs than slopes on the onwards journey. (I was soon to figure out that when on fixies, one should fear the slopes more than the climbs). I had a choice to either take the 2km longer route or the regular one but brave the Microsoft hill climb. I chose the former. As usual, the bike caught attention of the passers-by on the road. Once on the ring road, I picked up speed. The legs started spinning faster and faster, in an attempt to keep up with pedal. At one point, I looked over my shoulder to check for any vehicles and felt a sudden strong jerk. It threw me off the saddle and my right foot off the pedal. Now, there I was – riding at more than 25kmph with only the left foot on the pedal. And this being a fixie, the pedal was rotating at high speed! So basically I was uncontrollably going up and down like a vertical pendulum with my entire body weight supported on only my left leg, which in itself was moving uncontrollably with the pedal. It took a few seconds to realize that applying brakes is an option. I managed to slow down and get my other foot on the pedal and my butt back on the saddle. It was scary moment and could’ve been a very bad crash had I not been able to find the saddle and the pedal back. Lesson learnt – can’t really afford to lose focus while riding the fixie on a busy road. I thanked heavens for getting away unhurt. Commuting to office on the fixie as faster than what it used to take on the MTB. The thin tyres and the lightweight did make the ride on the road smoother.

Back in office, the bike stood like a king under the shade of a tree. At lunch, a few of my friends came over to try out the bike. Just like it was for me, they struggled to get on the saddle itself at the first attempt. It is a really fun cycle to ride.

The return commute in the evening – I decided to take the Microsoft downhill route to avoid all the unnecessary traffic. This was the first attempt to ride down such an incline. I kept on speeding up with my legs spinning frantically. At one point, the legs can keep up no more. You lose the control at that stage and the bike takes over – this is where you enter the stage of pure bliss. This is the stage when one should just take off both the feet off the pedal and hold them up in the air and feel the wind on the face. It is human ego to be master of everything but there’s a different high one gets on being controlled by another power.