First day with the fixie - Blog by Animesh Hazra

So the first things first. The bike is a stunner – before anything that impressed me, it was the bright colourful look of the bike that instantly grabbed my attention. On the city roads, this won’t be like any other bike that any other rider has been riding. These are designed to stand out and make heads turn.

Initially it felt a funny to ride it. I mean, even a simple thing as getting on the saddle felt quite funny, as if the bike is laughing back at me. We are so used having free pedals that all the different ways of getting on the saddle that we have learnt since childhood is based on that very feature. On a fixie, it was different on day 1. I couldn’t rotate the pedal backwards to get it in the front, neither could I stand on one pedal and get on the bike from one side – like we used to do as kids. It took a few attempts before I could actually find myself on the saddle. Once on it, it was like any other bike – or least that’s what I thought. Things changed once a speed breaker decided to appear on the road. So the regular technique of standing on the pedal and letting the knees and elbows absorb the shock was not going to work. As the pedal kicked back, I got misbalanced but managed not fall down. I had about 15km to ride in traffic before I could get home and I was really getting anxious about it. I moved on, slowly negotiating the autos, motor bikes and push carts. Struggling at the red lights and riding on extreme left of the road, the more I rode, the more confident I got. The light weight frame, thin tyres, smooth drive train and a very comfortable seat made the ride on the city roads quite comfortable. Having ridden only geared MTBs for the past 6-7 years, the fixed wheel and shorter handle was quite a change for me and it took a while before I got used to it. The 15km ride back home was fun and I sort of got comfortable with the bike.

The fixed pedals (wheel) reminded me of the first bike that I rode when I was really little. The ones which had pedals attached to the front plastic wheels where you couldn’t “not pedal”. This bike, in many ways seemed like that first bike which was probably growing up in some corner of the world and then suddenly after so many years decided to show up in this transformed avatar. In many ways, this again felt like riding for the first time again – like learning to cycle all over again…